Upcoming Self-Care Workshops in Richmond

“Self-care is so important and in the winter, and it can be a challenge to get out and give yourself that much needed, and deserved, TLC.”  Becky Jacobson, MA, a Richmond-based art therapist, who offers art therapy and counseling services to groups, individuals and families at The Creative Arts Space, is planning multiple workshops that aim to offer the community creative outlets for self-care.  These workshops focus on methods and techniques to better express ourselves, while also finding deeper sources for inner exploration.   The details for these workshops are listed below!

  • Workshop 1 (Feb 1 – March 8) is a 6 week visual journaling workshop.  (no art experience necessary) Visual journaling is a great way to practice regular self-care, self-expression, to keep record of your experiences, and to foster a positive attitude through each day.


  • Workshop  2 (Feb 15) is a one day yoga and art therapy workshop.  (no art or yoga experience necessary) This will combined the everyday healing benefits of mind-body practices and the expressive powers of art therapy.  The workshop will be held on Feb. 5, and so the theme of the day will be love, love for yourself and love for others.


To learn more about Becky Jacobson and The Creative Arts Space, you can visit:



Becky also hosts a Meetup group, which gives details regarding these workshops, as well as other upcoming events!


Hope to see you at some of these events!  Stay warm!


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