Balance as a New Art Therapist and The Chakras

beckyjacobsonBefore becoming an art therapist and counselor Becky Jacobson worked as a massage therapist in New Zealand for several years. She then earned her masters in art therapy. Becky currently provides art therapy within a Virginia healthcare system to hospice patients and within their behavior health programs. She helped introduce art therapy to the Bokamoso Youth Center in Winterveldt, South Africa, and has contributed to two South African art-based studies. For her continued dedication to extending the use of art therapy in South Africa, Becky was a selected delegate at the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference in 2012. She continues her dedication to international and community-based art therapy practices. Becky is submitting a weekly post on her growth as an art therapist.


chakra1Stepping out into the professional world it has been important for me to sustain personal balance.   The chakra system is a powerful tool in finding balance.  The chakras remind us that simply through connecting to and feeling one’s own body balance can be achieved. Each chakra is represented with a correlating symbol and color. To me each symbol began to look like a woman and this is what I painted.

The chakra points have helped me to find balance.  Here are some of my experiences as they pertain to the chakras.

  • Root Chakra (Red): With all the transition happening and moving to a new city I needed to feel my feet on the ground and to begin to set new roots.
  • Sacral Chakra (Orange) & Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow):  Looking for a job can be a discouraging experience at first start.  However, these chakras remind us that we have what we need already within us, and that we are of value simply because we exist.
  • Heart Chakra (Green):  Many times when starting something new we close ourselves off from others, so not to appear vulnerable.  I have found however, that these are important times to keep our hearts open, and to continue fostering heart to heart connections.
  • Throat Chakra (Blue):  Walking into interviews and working with clients within new settings communication can feel difficult.  When balanced the throat chakra allows us to express ourselves authentically and speak our truths.
  • Brow Chakra (Indigo): I have been fortunate enough to have great support and guidance around me.  It has been important for me to learn when to ask for advice, how to integrate the advice of others, and when to turn within for guidance. The brow chakra is where these understandings begin.
  • Crown Chakra (Violet):  This chakra focuses on body, mind, and spirit connection. It is where spiritual connection flows.  This entire project led me to feel such a connection.

Becky Jacobson

To find out more about chakras I recommend the book, The Book of Chakras; Discover the Hidden Forces Within You, by, Ambika Wauters.


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