Renew Your Membership: Help Us Reach Our Goal of 100 Members in 2013!

The Virginia Art Therapy Association is proud to share that we reached a membership record of 78 members in 2012! This record-breaking involvement of Virginia art therapists is an incredibly positive sign for the future of our field, as well as our proud chapter of the American Art Therapy Association. Increased membership means increased visibility in our communities, increased involvement in state and nationwide mental health and creative arts therapies awareness events, increased outreach and involvement in local charities, greater support for the art therapy licensure initiative, and limitless networking and professional support for members of our field.

Please join us in building our chapter, and RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP today! Visit

Need to renew your AATA membership, too? You can purchase both at

Want to share why you haven’t renewed your VATA? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Email to the attention of Erin Kemp, Director of Membership.

We hope to see you at professional and social events around the state in 2013!


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