Art Therapy and 9/11

So many were affected by 9/11, myself included. I remember where I was, what I was doing, and the worry I felt for my loved ones as well as everyone else in our country. Today I found this blog on how art and art therapy helped children express themselves, process what they’d seen or heard, and heal.

School Psych Scholar

After 9/11, children in New York, and all over the country, attempted to process the overwhelming emotions they were suddenly forced to confront. One of the ways counselors and teachers and psychologists helped children was through the simple act of drawing pictures about what they saw, felt, and thought. In some cases it was a form of art therapy, and in others it was an informal way of giving children a tool to process emotions they probably didn’t have words for.

The drawing above is from a book that collected some of these drawings, titled The Day Our World Changed: Children’s Art of 9/11 (it is listed for sale through Amazon via resellers). Tamara’s drawing was also featured in a PBS News Hour special from 2011 titled Then and Now: Children Draw to Cope with 9/11, which compares drawings children made in 2001 and then ten years later in…

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