Global Impressions: Art Therapists Travel the World

 Art Therapists from the United States and from GWU have been traveling the world doing art and art therapy.  They have come together to display their art responses to their work and their experiences. Some of the art therapists/artists involved are:

Kate Baasch, Heidi Bardot, Donna Betts, Deni Brancheau, Sally Brucker, Tracy Councill, Carol Thayer Cox, Lisa Raye Garlock, Lori Kenepp & Anders Anmarkrud, Leslie Milofsky, Belkiss Obadia –Guest Artist, Ruth Stenstrom, Allison Stroh, Tally Tripp, Elizabeth Warson, Advocacy Project-Nepalese advocacy quilts

The  Opening Reception is Wednesday, June 20, 6-9pm at the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program, 413 John Carlyle Ave., 2nd floor.  

Click here for more information global-impressions-flyer-db


3 responses to “Global Impressions: Art Therapists Travel the World

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    • Thank you for your interest in art therapy. The Virginia Art Therapy Association in a non profit organization made up of art therapists aimed at supporting art therapists and the practice of art therapy in the state, while educating the community on art therapy and promoting its efficacy. We, as an organization, to not offer art therapy services or groups. We can help to connect you with individuals in the Hampton roads area and provide any other information about services that we are aware of in that area. Please email us at so we can be in touch about those resources.

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