Art for MY Heart

Every other month, I gather together a couple “in-progress” paintings and favorite art supplies, jumble my day around to find babysitting for my little one, rush between morning activities and hustle over to make it on time to the nearest Art For Your Heart gathering.

Every. Single. Time. I’m so glad I did.

Making art is definitely good for your heart…We all know that. But there is also something incredible therapeutic about being surrounded by talented, motivated women. Each one of us is struggling with our own life experiences and challenges… maybe we talk about them, maybe we don’t.  But there’s a feeling of cohesion, support, and admiration amongst us all. We borrow technique ideas from each other, maybe share an uplifting story about a client, but I never even feel the pressure to talk!  I can just immerse myself completely in my painting and get lost for a precious two hours of my day.  No matter what, I always leave feeling renewed and like I’ve finally had a little bit of time to take care of myself. 

It’s not a showy, competitive, networking ordeal… just a casual gathering of a few friends who may or may not know each other very well…. But I have a feeling we will before long.


Hope to see you this weekend!

Erin Kemp


For Art for your Heart locations see our events page @


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