A Balancing Act : Finding my Way

I recently began a new job. I wasn’t hired to be an art therapist although during the interview the other clinicians expressed interest in what it means to be an art therapist. I’ve been told that I can utilize my art therapy skills although I need to take care to use other “interventions” as well. At first I found this to be a great challenge, almost every job I’ve had as an art therapist has required me to be innovative, creative and informative so I could prove to other professionals that art therapy works. I had to work my way into the system, I made no apologies for my Art Therapist self, standing strong and paving a new path and a new way of thinking about therapy. But so far, almost 1 month in, I feel lost. Lost in a sea of regulations, requirements, assessments and firm ideas about what therapy is. I am having a hard time finding my way.

The nature of my current work is very short term, sometimes I only see a client once at intake. I have made plans to introduce art making only to have the person or couple no show. Its discouraging and frustrating. I can do all the work, the assessments etc. but I WANT more. I want to develop relationships with clients, building trust, and helping them find THEIR WAY through art and art making. Art Therapy is what I know its what I LOVE. My plan is to try and try again, to stand STRONG and not apologize for my Art Therapist self, to create a new path and find my way to the ART!



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