A Balancing Act

A Balancing Act: Getting Back to Work

As the title of this post suggests, I am going back to work. I have been an art therapist for 8 years, however, I took the last year off to be at home with my two young children. I expected that transitioning back to work might be hard but so far its feeling like a circus. I feel as though my world is spinning and I am looking for some solid ground to stand on. What was once so familiar now feels new again and almost foreign. I am trying to balance between being an art therapist, working professional, mother, wife, artist etc., but its hard and I feel overwhelmed. I sat down today to make art about how I am feeling, what else should I do?!. Art is  how I process things, art is how I can best express my feelings even when I’m not sure exactly what I am feeling, Art is how I see and reflect on my world.  The painting I did today is posted below. I see myself feeling lost and overwhelmed but I also see how capable I am at finding structure in chaos. The balancing act will go on.         -D.


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