Request: Board Nominations for VATA Officers

Dear Voting Members of the Virginia Art Therapy Association,

2009 to 2011 has been an enriching and exciting two years in the life of VATA. We updated our website, began a VATA blog, welcomed new members and officers, worked with in-state universities (GWU and EVMS), and held both our first regional symposium and first annual conference. It has been a period of growth indeed!

Several of the officers have been a long term presence on the board. At this time, three of us have completed the maximum terms allowed by chapter bylaw, which is two consecutive terms of two years each. We are proud to be a part of VATA and continue to plan on contributing to VATA in various ways outside of officerships.

The three of officers are:

Lesly Love, Gretchen Graves, Mariko Saito


We hope that you will join us moving VATA forward by nominating yourself or a gifted member. With today’s technology, you do not have to live in a specific location to be a valued member of the board. Please read below for descriptions of officer roles. For the term 2012-2014, VATA is seeking nominations for the following positions:

* President (Officer)

* Secretary (Officer)

* Membership (Chair)

*Vice-President (Officer)


Nominations may be sent by email and are due by November 11th. Please include name, position, and a statement about the nominee’s qualifications. 

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


Mariko Saito
VATA President




Role of the President

Function as an ex-officio member of all committees with the same rights as other committee members without the obligation to attend committee meetings nor need be counted upon to determine a quorum if present.  Role is to show support through communication and attendance at the various meetings.

○ Hold regular Board meetings to:

●Establish chapter goals and objectives for the year.

●Review committee assignments and progress.

●Formulate policies by which the chapter will function.

●Prepare an agenda for the Business meeting.

○Board Meeting scheduling:

●Plan board meetings so that officers can attend.

●Appoint committee chairs prior to the meeting so they may attend.

●Establish Board meeting times and notify members.  At the time of notification, ask for suggestions for agenda items.

●Prepare an agenda for the meeting and give a copy to the secretary for advanced distribution.

●Conduct the meeting in a structured manner and within a reasonable period of time.


Role of the Vice-President/President-Elect

○Be familiar with the Presidential duties as well as the organization’s structure.

○Be familiar with the bylaws of the Chapter and the national organization.

○Become familiar with the various committees.  Attend committee meetings on a rotation basis with the President.

○Serving as the Program or Symposium Chair is a good way of becoming familiar with the various aspects of the Chapter, i.e., membership, finances, committees, and program.

○Maintain communication with the President.

○Perform Presidential duties in the absence of the President.


Role of the Secretary

○Be responsible for all official Chapter correspondence as directed by the President.  Assure that then President receives a copy of all official correspondence received and distributed.

○Accurately record, transcribe and distribute to all Board Members, within 30 days, the minutes of all official meetings of the Board of the Chapter.

○Maintain an accurate, up-to-date file of officers and all official correspondence and minutes.

○Be familiar with the Chapter Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order.


As officers, each is responsible for the growth and development of the Chapter.  With able leadership, each member of the Chapter benefits from its successful workings.  Each officer facilitates the advancement of the mission of your Chapter and the American Art Therapy Association, Inc. in promoting the field of art therapy.


Role of the Membership Chair

○Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of member directory and email list, including processing of membership applications.

○Communicate with AATA about membership updates.

○Send welcome, renewal, and recruitment letters to new, current, and prospective members, respectively.

○Give updates at board meeting on membership status and trends.


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