Art Making in Celebration


Today I was reflecting on my journey as an artist and how that voyage has been demonstrated in my art making. I’ve made art in response to world topics, to process my feelings, to express anger and hurt , to express love, and to express my spirituality.  I thought to myself, have I ever made art to celebrate? What does it mean to make art in celebration of something? If you google the idea you will find key words like “celebration of the arts” , “celebration of (name an artist)”, and “the art of celebration” or how to throw a party. There was no mention in searches of using art and art making to celebrate things like life or people. What would a celebration through art making look like for you?

I imagine myself with a large canvas, as tall or maybe even taller than myself, a plethora of paint colors and mediums, brushes, pallet knives etc. I image a beautiful fall or spring day where it is cool and I can be outside all day painting. Immersed in the paint and my process…sipping my coffee…reflecting on what I’ve made…..feeling the breeze ….feeling the paint against the canvas….listening to the sound of the brush on the canvas …… the palette knife scrapping softly…and the rustling of the leaves in the trees. My  celebration would be one of the peace that painting brings, how centered and in the moment I feel , and my appreciation for the amazing world god created.

If you have a way that you use art making to celebrate or a way that you envision yourself celebrating please share it with us by commenting here or on our facebook page.


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