The Arts in Our Community – Richmond Virginia

Art 180 is an Organization made up of ” Artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and everyday people working to create change in young people’s lives through art”

ART 180 creates and provides art-related programs for young people living in challenging circumstances, encouraging personal and community change through self-expression.

Their Mission

ART 180 gives young people the chance to express themselves through art, and to share their stories with others.

Their Vision

Our work with young people will turn lives and communities around 180 degrees.

Their Operating Model

ART 180 partners with other nonprofit organizations to serve children living in challenging circumstances in Richmond, Virginia. Through our programs, youth discover ways they can positively engage in and influence their surroundings.

Professional artists and volunteers work with youth after school for 12 weekly sessions. Each program grows from the needs and interests of the group of young people being served.

The young artists are asked to explore crucial personal statements that reinforce their sense of identity and purpose, such as: What is a hero? What do I want people to know about me? How can I make my community a better place? Programs culminate with some kind of public presentation of artwork. These have included billboards, art exhibits, poetry readings, CDs and DVDs.

By merging the private creative experience with a public showcase, ART 180 offers youth a safe way to talk about what matters most to them, while offering the community a compelling way to hear it.

Their Motivation

To quote Rita Dove, former U.S. Poet Laureate, “If our children are unable to voice what they mean, no one will know how they feel. If they can’t imagine a different world, they are stumbling through a darkness made all the more sinister by its lack of reference points. For a young person growing up in America’s alienated neighborhoods, there can be no greater empowerment than to dare to speak from the heart-and then to discover that one is not alone in one’s feelings.”

*The above text was quoted directly from the website for Art180 –


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