The Beauty We Can Achieve

I spent 12 hours in the studio yesterday; 12 long, very hot, super sweaty, WONDERFUL hours. I am taking my first ceramics class ever. I think I am a little over my head. The class is called “Large Sculpture in Ceramics”. Sounds simple, right? Pretty straight forward– yeah, that’s what I thought. The requirement is a hand built sculpture larger than a person. Yes. LARGE. I think the only thing I ever made in clay before was a mess. Maybe a pinch pot in 4th grade, maybe. After brainstorming for homework the first night after class I came up with a peacock. If I could work a little lower to the ground and make it looooong, I could hit the requirement, and do something that really speaks to me.

Birds have been popping up all around me lately so I thought I would embrace it instead of trying to fight it. I read somewhere that a peacock is “a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors”. The beauty we can achieve isn’t on the outside, it is on the inside, how we think of ourselves, project ourselves to the world, and embrace others. Every day is a new learning experience for me. Navigating a new campus, new classmates, new professors, and pushing the boundaries I have set for myself…even when I don’t know I set them. I am trying to embrace these things and learn to understand the ‘beauty’ I can achieve through these experiences.



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