More New Beginings

My last entry, in March, was a short intro of the ETC. In future blog entries, I would like to share about my experience as a student using the ETC model. Next week, I will be going out to IN for my summer intensive. I attend Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, SMWC, for my Art therapy core and South University, SU, for Professional Counseling. My Prof will be Lisa Hinz, author of Expressive Therapies Continuum. The class I will be taking will introduce me to art therapy assessment and other projective evaluation tools, with further exploration and application of the ETC. I am really excited to have this opportunity to have Lisa as my Prof and glean from her research and experience. Since I have entered this new phase of my life as a returning student, I have had so many opportunities to volunteer in my community here in Midlothian. My first volunteer position was a Patient Advocate with Saint Frances Hospital. There I have been able to apply skills I have learned in my counseling classes plus continue to grow in the helping field. I also help facilitate a bereavement group for Bon Secours, BS, under the direction of their Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW. She has been very kind to allow me to offer therapeutic activities to the group. This week we are focusing on the word “Gratitude”. We will be making a group mandala on a piece of cut canvas. Well……..I look forward to sharing my new experiences and learning from those who have gone before me. Kathleen


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