Stand Where You Are Supposed To Be

Can I tell you how very excited I am about transferring to a four-year school?  V.E.R.Y!!

I’ve been studying at the local community college since August of 2008.  I have been blessed with challenging professors, supportive administration, and opportunities to try new things at every turn.  Now, I look forward to my next step, Studio Art at the University of Mary Washington.

Don’t let me fool you, I’m nervous too.  I’m going to be a small fish in a much bigger pool; a pool with a more competitive art department, more challenging, and thought provoking assignments.

I should also tell you I’m a non-traditional student.  What does that even mean…it’s what school calls an old lady on campus.  Let’s just say I’m a few days over 29.

Going back to school was a dream I had for 5 or 6 years before it actually happened.  When I left college the first time it was the right decision.  I was wasting my parent’s money, having waaaaaay too much fun, and had NO DIRECTION.  But after leaving school I had to find a way to support myself, I worked hard, and was monetarily successful, but there was always that lingering feeling of MORE.  I should be doing something more, more for myself and more for others.

I didn’t really belong in the place I had landed.  I needed to stand where I was supposed to be.  I needed to take charge of my own path; it needed to be MY path not just where I ended up.

The first 3 semesters I only took one class each and worked full time.  I loved every minute of it; being back in the classroom, writing papers, painting canvases and finally opening my eyes to that MORE I had been searching for.

I called my dad the day before I started my 4th semester; my husband and I had made the decision for me to go back to school full-time.  I told my dad the great news and shared with him that I wanted to study psychology and art, I want to be a helper through art therapy.  He told me how happy he was that I finally realized what HE had thought since I told him about my personal AT experience.

My dad is good like that, he steers, leads and gives me the tools.  He never pressures, forces, or coaxes anything from me.  He has since told me when he heard about my experience knew instantly it was a perfect match.  I think he is right.

I do remember after my first art therapy experience we discussed it casually, like “I wonder what they really do?”, “I wonder what a day in the life of an Art Therapist is like?”, “I wonder how you get to that career?”, “Man that sounds challenging and fun”.

He planted the seed that gave me the confidence to explore those questions and finally take control of my own path.

OH!  One more thing! RCASA is hosting The Art Of Surviving this month at:

Germanna Community College

Fredericksburg Campus

10000 Germanna Point Drive

Dickinson Bldg, 3rd floor

Fredericksburg, VA 22408

The opening reception is 2 June 2011, 4-6pm.  The show will be on display through 30 June 2011.  Come, join us!

Jennifer is an undergraduate student studying Studio Art, she volunteers at the Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault and is planning on pursuing her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling.   Jennifer loves to make stuff, share with others, and learn.  You can find her day to day ramblings and crafty adventures on her blog Crafty Dayeseye , and keep up with her 365 project  Art Every Day .


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