Call for Presentations for The 2011 Virginia Art Therapy Association’s Annual Conference

Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA

The Virginia Art Therapy Association is holding its annual conference in Norfolk.  This year’s theme will highlight practical and effective art therapy processes, materials, approaches, and techniques used by Virginia Art Therapists.  This day-long conference is designed to highlight the positive impact of art therapy in clinical practice inVirginia through education and networking.

This year, The Art Therapy Program at Eastern Virginia Medical Center located in Norfolk is providing space to hold the conference and a keynote speaker to kick off the event.

I. Submission Guidelines for Presentations or Workshops.

For the afternoon sessions, VATA is seeking submission for a 90 minute Presentation or Workshop.

Each submission should focus on the topic of art therapy.  The format can be either a paper presentation with Powerpoint or other visual aids or a hands-on workshop with a practical or experiential component.  Each presenter should allow time for Q and A with the audience.

For the Networking session, VATA is seeking submissions for Posters Presentations to be display easily on easels or as handouts around the room or in the hallway as well as applications for table displays from art therapy providers and/or programs.

II. Submission Process
Please find a downloadable form on the VATA website or blog for submissions.

IV. Compensation for Presenters
The paper or workshop presenters chosen will be exempt from paying registration fees.  All accepted poster presenters will be offered a highly discounted registration rates (TBD).  Private practitioners or community service providers with table displays are required to register at full prices.
Submission deadline:  July 1, 2011

Send via email to: (All correspondence will be via email)


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