The LifeCycle Level I Course

The mandala is a circular drawing described by Carl Jung as an indicator of internal processes.  Jung referred to it as a “cryptogram (coded message) concerning the state of the self.”  Participants will be introduced to the mandala drawing and learn how to use it as a healing tool in work with others and for themselves.  This course  will provide historical background of the mandala form and an introduction to Kellogg’s model for the development of human consciousness as manifested in mandala drawings.    Learning opportunities will include didactic presentation, experiential activities, small group work.  In addition, opportunities for personal sharing and supervision will be provided.     

This training is for therapists, especially art or expressive therapists or others in the fields of mental health, pastoral or spiritual counseling, or those interested in their own personal growth and healing.
Please send your non-refundable deposit of $95 to Phyllis Frame, 1443 Glenside Green, Charlottesville, VA 22901.  Call 434-973-7543, or e-mail for questions or further information.  Housing, and directions with a map will be sent upon receipt of your deposit.  Please register as early as possible.  Space is limited.


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